Karin McCay is a news anchor and reporter at KCBD-TV in Lubbock, Texas.
The sale of each book includes a donation to a charitable organization.

The Frog with ASD

The Frog with ASD is a true account of the life of Brandon Buzzank in an easy to read story with words that rhyme. It explains his frustration in school and how he grew up to be the man he is today. Among other things, he has appeared in TV commercials as the macot for a car dealership.

“The Frog with ASD is a celebration of the many successful Brandons that we all have known. This short adventure not only honors those with autism but all who struggle to find success in their own unique way.”
-Steven Berk, M.D.
Dean of the Texas Tech University School of Medicine

Marvin and the Giant Bubble

This is a fun book that will make kids think Mommy knows everything, even when she is nowhere to be seen. When Melissa Ann flies off in a bubble, it’s up to Marvin to bring her down safely in this backyard adventure that takes a wrong turn.

“Marvin and the Giant Bubble shows such creative imagination. A book to be enjoyed over and over with delightful illustrations.”
-Suzanne Aker,
Author of “What comes in 2s, 3s, & 4s?”

Marvin and the Surprise Package

Sometimes, life is so unfair. Why is it that Melissa Ann’s surprise from grandma works, but Marvin’s surprise is broken? After a sneaky swap, Marvin learns a lesson that grandma planned all along:
Instead of saying
‘What’s mine is mine’,
It’s what you share
That makes you shine.

Marvin and the Big Race

In a school race that Marvin is expected to win, everyone learns an unexpected lesson:

What counts as much
As winning first place
Is what you do
To finish the race.

“I love the story and absolutely support the message. This is a theme we can’t tell our developing children too often.”
-Douglas R Klepper
MD, Pediatrician

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